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LED_Industrial family  

Technical description

Suspended general lighting luminaire for indoor mounting. It has a high efficiency, latest generation LED light source and a low-loss technical thermoplastic diffuser. The luminaire reflector is made of spun aluminium, available in different patterns inside as well as outside and in transparent glass. To be used as a dark light dome where needs emotional and sense luxury, the enclosure material is stain steel, and the inside is covered with a thin sheet of gold or silver. Housing material: extorted hard anodizing aluminum body. power: (65w, 45w) slave luminaire, for DALI control. Luminaire luminous flux: 5000 lm, Luminaire efficacy: 67lm/w. Color rendering Index: 80.

Installation and Mounting

Pendant the luminaire from the ceiling with special accessories is in the luminaire case.


• General industry application
• High rack warehouse
• Restaurant
• Decorative