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An interior designer will probably dare to say that there are many “rules” when it comes to choosing the right lighting for salons. It’s all about, making the customer feel welcome as well as giving employees good working conditions. In this week’s blog post, we share our thoughts why choosing the right lighting for your salon is important.

Be aware of accurate color rendering

Maybe you’ve heard this before; someone has had their hair dyed by a hairdresser, and when they went out in sunlight – the color of the hair suddenly changed? This specific situation will any salon avoid. The simple solution would be to get lamps installed with the right color rendering. As we said so many times before, color rendering is determined by an index that reflects the light source’s ability to reproduce colors in relation to daylight. We recommend using lamps with CRI value of 86 or higher.

Highlight interior and the guests with color temperatures

You can choose bulbs in different color temperatures ranging from hot to cold light. A warm temperature (2,700K-3,500K) is most flattering on guests’ skin and will complement most interiors. Colder color temperatures can be equated with daylight, which is typically not the best color temperature in a salon.

Eliminate shadows

How your guests feel when visiting your salon is extremely important as a positive experience enhances the customer experience. The easiest way to minimize shadows on the face is to place your lighting by the mirror on each side. Spot luminaires in e.g. the ceiling will create shadows and we’ll not recommend to using these.

Use good quality lighting

LED bulbs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting, giving you great benefits that are ideal for salons. Although these types of lamps typically have higher costs now and then, you should see it as a investment that is worth it. LED lighting has a longer lifespan, uses less energy and provides long-term savings on, among other things, maintenance and replacement.

There are many manufacturers that offer LED lights, so choosing the lighting that matches your needs can be difficult. Look for LED bulbs that replicate halogen bulbs with a high CRI and light quality.



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