LED and energy

LED and energy efficiency

LED and energy efficiency :LED is known for its many advantages. Besides high lighting quality and robustness, LED luminaires are also highly energy saving and this can benefit both the economy and the environment. But why is LED so energy saving? Find the answer in this blog post!

There are many advantages connected to using LED as the lighting source in the home, at outdoor areas, in shops as well as any other place. LED lighting is of the highest quality and thus LED luminaires deliver efficient and nice lighting to the lighted area.

Furthermore LED lamps are very robust compared to traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs halogen spots and fluorescent tubes. This entails, that LED luminaires can resist environmental impact and rarely break.

Why is LED lighting such an energy saving solution?

Maybe the most discussed advantage of LED is the superior energy saving quality of this lighting type which can minimize both energy costs and environmental impact.

Thus, LED lighting is very energy saving and this is due to this lighting type’s extraordinary long expected lifetime on 50,000 hours. This brings huge savings on the electricity bill as well as a minimal impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emission.

The technology behind LED enables an energy saving of 75 % compared to traditional lighting sources and furthermore, you can achieve a reduction as high in the CO2 emission.