How to light up a garden center with LED

How to light up a garden center with LED:

You probably don’t think about it but a lot of the places that you visit in your spare time is depending on good and efficient lighting to support the activities taking place. With this blog we launch the theme “LED lighting in the spare time” and it is about how LED lighting with advantage can be applied places which many of us visit for our hobbies or other spare time activities. In the theme’s first blog we take a closer look at how a garden center can be lighted up with LED. So if you own a garden center or if you are simply interested in plants and like visiting garden centers in your spare time you should keep on reading!

A garden center has a lot of different visitors – families visiting the garden center to make the children happy as well as the more plant enthusiastic visitors looking for the plant to fulfill their collection of plants at home. One thing these different visitors have in common is that they want a garden center which is able to present the plants in a nice and clear way. This wish can among other things be accommodated with the right lighting solution capable of supporting the exhibition of the plant as well as the flow in the garden center.

A safe bet on a type of lighting which is able to live up to these demands is LED lighting. Characteristic for LED lighting is the high lighting quality and long lifetime which reduces the maintenance to an absolute minimum. LED lighting is a very environment-friendly type of lighting and by using LED you can achieve highly reduced energy costs.

For the sake of clarity, this guide will be divided into two LED concepts: general lighting and spotlight. This way, you can easily get an overview of the different ways in which you can use LED to light up the garden center

How can LED spotlight be used in the garden center?

Spotlight is a type of lighting which can highlight certain objects. By using spotlight you can easily highlight plants of your choice. With the selected spots on specific plant exhibitions, it is furthermore possible to influence the flow which is the “route” that the visitors go about around your garden center. If you are looking for a high quality LED spotlight luminaire you can with advantage consider NS70. This track LED luminaire is developed in a simple and nice-looking design and has a supreme lighting quality and strength so that the highlighted objects appear nice and clear.