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Spotlight&Underwater IP65 IK08

Technical description

Luminaire was designed to be used trimless up light be recessedusing an integrated PMMA optical lens , with several beam angle variety (15,֯ 30,֯ 45 ֯ or 60)֯ IP65, IK08. Up light luminaire with 3.5 w, warm white and cool white for options LEDs for indoor and outdoor applications external DC, CC or CV driver. Robust luminarie housings made of Aluminum. All LEDs are within three step MacAdam ellipse to ensure color consistency. (12v CV driver an option) Body material is hard anodize aluminum. (Steel and brass body is option)

Installation and Mounting

Recessed in pavement and floor with outer casing.For outdoor applications, 30cm drainage gravel or any equivalent drainage system should be used beneath the housing to ensure water evacuation.The recessed box can be embedded in asphalt with good drainage once the temperature of the asphalt is approximately 80°C.


• Facade lighting
• Flood light
• Decorative lighting
• Suitable where needs IP