Lighting on the terrace

Lighting on the terrace:

LED lighting has become very popular, both for indoor and outdoor use. LED has numerous advantages compared to traditional lighting sources, which are very energy-intensive and has a short lifetime.

When you choose to replace your traditional lighting units with LED, you will get a lighting solution that has a long lifetime and is very energy-efficient. Even though installing LED requires an investment, the payback period will in most cases only be 1-2 years.

The first thing you have to consider when choosing LED outdoor lights on the terrace is their function. The most common lamps on the terrace are LED in-ground uplights. Within this category, both spots with a fixed beam and spots with an adjustable tilt are used. There are two main issues to consider when choosing an in-ground uplight. The first is the location of the lamp as the surroundings are very important. Will rainwater drain away? Will vehicles be driving over them? Both fret the LED spot which means that you have to be aware of the placing of the lamp.
Furthermore, you have to look at the specifications. Do you want a wide or narrow beam, is it uniform, does it need a brighter central area? Another issue is the surface temperature of the glass; if people might be barefoot when stepping on the LED lamp, it is important that the glass will not be too hot.

Generally, it is important to remember that an in-ground sunlight LED needs to be sturdy. When choosing a good quality LED lamp, it will be more resistant to wear and tear. In the past, it was difficult to find a waterproof LED spot, but luckily the technology has been developed, and today it is not a problem to find an LED spot for the terrace which fits your every need.