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Outdoor lighting

Lighting is all about creating the right atmosphere. With the right choice of lighting, you can create just the ambiance you wish for in the outdoor area. But what type of lighting should you choose? And which different ways can you use lighting outdoors? This article can guide you and give you the answers!

Finding the optimal lighting for your outdoor project can be difficult because of the vast amount of lighting products on the market. The lighting market can indeed seem like a jungle, and choosing the right lighting solution can seem like no easy task.

Although this blog won’t outline the entire lighting market, it can show you in the right direction and give you inspiration how to light up different outdoor settings.

What type of lighting should you choose?

There exist different types of lighting sources on the market. One good advice is to consider choosing a LED solution for your next lighting project. Looking at the possibilities of LED lighting it is clear that LED lighting can be used in any setting due to the many different variations of LED lighting available on the market. But even though quality LED light comes in different forms, one thing all the different LED luminaries have in common is the extraordinary advantages.

Do you want to get an overview of the sublime advantages of using LED? We have created a TOP 6 list of the most spectacular advantages of using LED to light up your life:

  • Extraordinary high quality of lighting: With LED you can get a higher quality of light to illuminate the outdoor area in question compared to traditional light sources such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and high-pressure discharge lamps.
  • Exceptional lifetime: LEDs have an exceptionally long lifetime with a general life expectancy of 50,000 hours.
  • Minimal maintenance: LED lamps are characterized by being extremely robust and this enables you to use LED in rough environments. Because LEDs are this robust and the fact that LEDs have a very long lifetime, the maintenance is greatly reduced and even eliminated in most cases.
  • Greatly reduced energy costs: Changing your current lighting into LED can generate great savings. In fact, your savings on the electricity bill can reach up to 75% and this will have a very positive impact your household’s or organization’s economy.
  • An environment-friendly lighting solution: With LED you can greatly reduce your CO2 emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. LED is the most sustainable lighting source compared to traditional light sources and by using LED you can pursue a more sustainable use of resources.
  • Strengthen your CSR profile: The low environmental impact of LED can boost the CSR profile of your organization. Using LED can help improve your environmental image and this can strengthen marketing efforts differentiating you from competitors.

Do you want to know more? You can read more about the great advantages of using LED here.

How to light up the outdoors with LED

As previously mentioned it is possible to use LED in almost every setting. However, to give you some concrete examples of how to use of LED in the outdoors we have selected a few settings where you can use LED with advantage. To give you some inspiration as to where to use LED, we will now take a close look at four different LED concepts: street lighting, park lighting, square lighting and terrace lighting.

Outdoor lighting:

Street lighting

It is crucial that streets are lighted up in the best possible way due to the risk of accidents. Way too often streets are lighted up by dim and inefficient lighting and this enhances the risk of accidents. When using LED as street lighting you are sure to get extremely efficient lighting and this will optimize the safety when driving on the road.

Park lighting

Everybody loves going to the park in the day. However, at night it is important to light up the park in the right way to avoid a sinister atmosphere in the park. If you light up the park using LED light you can easily great a cozy atmosphere in the park and create a lighting that will make people feel safe even though it is dark out. Using LED light you can make sure that people still want to enjoy the park at night, for example walking the dog.


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