Where to use LED?

Guide Where to use LED

Guide Where to use LED? Do you intend to learn more about where to apply LED, or are you in doubt whether or not LED lighting should be part of your next project? This blog focuses on a number of applications, where LED lighting can be implemented with advantage.

LED lighting comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colours, wherefore the market can be seen as a jungle. Some types of LED are waterproof and can be employed outside. Other types are designed to resist vandalism, while some LED units aim to provide a cosy and pleasant lighting. The list is infinite and therefore, it is important that you choose the right lighting solution for your project. Consequently, we intend to provide an overview of some of the possible LED applications.

Building projects

If you are in charge of a construction project, you must consider a LED solution. There exist multiple opportunities and with LED, we can tailor a solution to fit to your exact needs. If you for example need linear LED lighting for a corridor, we can customize the length of the luminaire. This means that you will have one luminous LED tube instead of several luminaires combined together. From this, you prevent so-called dark spots and hereby, you will feel that the lighting is comfortable and more exclusive. Apart from that, several of our luminaires come with a sensor, which regulates the light depending on the activity in the room. This can be efficient in a corridor, where the activity level primarily is concentrated around rush hours. For this reason, you can save a great deal of the energy consumption by implementing LED in your building project.

Parking garages

If the lighting system in the parking garage face an overhaul, you can consider LED as well. The greatest advantage associated with applying LED in parking garages and in similar large areas is the possibility to control the light. By reducing light efficiency when no activity is registered, you will expand the life time of the LED bulbs, which can safe you up to 70% on electricity.

Outdoor spaces

You have numerous opportunities when it comes to outdoor LED lighting. However, not all LED types are suitable for outdoor use. First of all, you must look at the luminaire’s IP code. This code indicates to what extent the luminaire is tolerant towards water and dust. If the luminaire merely has to be able to handle rainwater from above, you will be satisfied with IP23. But if you need a luminaire more resistant towards water and dust, you must look for luminaires with a classification between IP41 and IP68 depending on your needs.